Silver Jewellery to flaunt this Holi

Silver Jewellery to flaunt this Holi

Holi - The festival of colors and cheerfulness has a special place in our hearts. We wait eagerly for it. But still, we look for old clothes and jewellery in our wardrobe to wear on Holi. Holi is a festival of hues and happiness, so why go with a monotonous look at the festival? Why not try something sparkly to compliment the festival? How about accessorizing your look with silver jewellery? Isn’t it an excellent idea?

Silver jewellery is light in weight, yet it gives us grace. Moreover, silver goes along with all the colors; therefore, it perfectly matches your kurtas. Moreover, wearing artificial jewellery may react with harmful blooms, eventually losing luster and giving you allergies. But silver is an ideal choice for the occasion. You can style different jewellery pieces for the occasion.

Earrings - Silver earrings will look stunning. They will pop out between the different colors on your face and make you look picture-perfect.

Anklets - Adding an anklet to your foot would be a great idea, as that tinkling sound would spread positivity.

Bracelets - A sleek silver bracelet will complete your ethnic look and compliment your attire.

Rings - Even small silver rings can dramatically change your look, making your fingers look more elegant.

Nose-rings - Silver nose rings are trending nowadays. Add them to achieve an Indian-aesthetic look.

So this Holi, style yourself with silver and create a new classy look!

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