Best Material for Baby Bangles

Best Material for Baby Bangles

Whether it is a baby's naming ceremony or his first birthday, we Indians have been following the tradition of gifting baby bangles for ages. It is not only considered auspicious but has become a trend now! Are you also considering baby bangles as a gift for someone? Need clarification about which metal will be the best for baby bangles?

Do not worry! You have arrived at the right place.

Giving babies bangles or bracelets is a beautiful present that dates back to our customs.

But, of course, people think it is an auspicious and expensive gift. But apart from that, baby bangles or "Nazarias" also protect the babies from evil eyes and bring them luck. But choosing a suitable material for the baby's jewelry is very important. A newborn baby has very tender and sensitive skin. Therefore, hypoallergenic metals like lead and nickel can be harmful to them.

The best material for baby bangles is Sterling silver or 925 silver. It is a hypoallergenic metal that is safe for the baby's delicate skin. Silver also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is beneficial for inflammatory conditions.

Moreover, silver is a malleable metal that can easily be molded into unique and beautiful designs. So you get a wide range to choose from. In addition, silver's flexibility makes it easy to soften the edges of the bangles, making them perfectly safe for the child to wear.

Now, whenever you are looking for baby bangles- it has to be with silver! From affordable to safe, it is undoubtedly the best material for baby bangles!

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